Introducing Channel...

A channel-strip plugin in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

Channel combines a gate, compressor, equaliser and limiter with 'clean-up' filters, input and output gain control and level metering to provide a single plugin for a variety of mixing duties.

It includes the following features:
  • Gate
  • Compressor with makeup gain and mix controls
  • Four-band parametric EQ
  • Switchable Gate/Compressor/EQ signal flow
  • 12 dB/oct high-pass filter (10 to 1000 Hz)
  • 12 dB/oct low-pass filter (2 to 20 kHz)
  • Input and output gain trim (+/- 20 dB
  • Limiter with optional hard-clipper
  • Input and output level meters
  • Compressor and limiter gain reduction meters

The signal flow is as follows:
  1. Input gain
  2. Input metering
  3. High-pass filter
  4. Low-pass filter
  5. Gate/Compressor/EQ
  6. Output gain
  7. Limiter
  8. Clipper
  9. Output metering
The Gate/Compressor/EQ are processed in the order determined by the 'G-C-E' switches; each switch allows the EQ to be applied before or after the gate and compressor stages.

The Gate, Compressor, EQ and Limiter sections are derived from the individual plugins described in more detail in their own posts.


The limiter module uses a 'look-ahead' buffer to manage the incoming signal and thus introduces a fixed latency of 1.5 ms into the plugin's signal flow. This latency remains even when the limiter is bypassed. To cater for latency-free processing, a second channel-strip plugin, 'Channel2' is available.

This omits the limiter module and its associated latency, replacing it with a 'utility' section taken from the plugin of the same name.

The signal flow for Channel2 is as follows:
  1. Input gain
  2. Input metering
  3. L/R phase invert
  4. Input switching
  5. High-pass filter
  6. Low-pass filter
  7. Gate/Compressor/EQ
  8. Output gain
  9. Output metering