Introducing Utility...

A mixing utility plugin in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

Utility provides a number of functions often needed when mixing a track, these are:
  • Phase inversion
  • Input modes for stereo, mono and mid/side channel processing
  • Gain trim (+/- 20 dB)
  • Pan with multiple pan-law options
  • Gain level (-infinity to 0 dB)
  • Input/output metering

The signal processing order is as follows:


The phase of each stereo input channel can be inverted.


The stereo input can be modified as follows:
  • Unchanged
  • Swapped left/right
  • The left channel passed to both left/right output channels (right channel ignored)
  • The right channel passed to both left right output channels (left channel ignored)
  • Both channels summed to a mono mix and passed to both output channels
  • L/R channels converted to mid/side (or mid/side back to L/R)


The gain level can be adjusted by up to +/- 20 dB.


Pan adjusts the left/right balance. The Pan control offers a choice of modes:
  • Inactive (pan control is bypassed)
  • Constant Power pan-law (-3 dB cut when centre-panned)
  • 'SSL' style pan-law (-4.5 dB cut when centre-panned)
  • Linear pan-law (-6 dB cut when centre-panned)


Gain allows the output gain to be adjusted from 0 (-infinity) to unity (0 dB). This is provided mainly to allow for track volume automation; in many DAWs automating the volume will take control of the channel fader preventing it from being used for any further adjustment. Automating a separate level control allows it to remain free.


The output can be modified as follows:
  • Use Mid/Side to change a stereo signal to mid/side or an already converted mid/side signal back to stereo
  • Use Hard Clip to prevent excessive output levels by restricting the signal to 0 dB


The stereo input and output levels are shown by two sets of level meters; input on the left and output on the right.