Introducing DeEsser...

A de-esser plugin in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

It includes the following features:
  • Input gain control (+/- 20 dB)
  • De-essing range from 1 kHz to 15 kHz
  • De-essing threshold down to -80 dB
  • Attack and release controls
  • Level meters for input, output and signal reduction

DeEsser allows the levels of excess sibilance and other unwanted high frequency sounds to be reduced. It is based on a narrow-band compressor that allows a selected range of frequencies to be dynamically reduced without affecting frequencies outside that range. The 'Low Freq' and 'High Freq' controls determine the range of the centre frequency band in which the DeEsser operates; anything above or below that range is left unchanged.

Being based on a compressor, the DeEsser operates in much the same way as any other compressor; gain reduction is applied to the signal in the 'de-essing' band when it exceeds the 'Threshold' level, by a ratio determined by the 'Amount' control. Use these controls in combination with 'Low Freq' and 'High Freq' to best isolate and reduce the unwanted high frequency peaks in the input signal. Use the 'Listen' switch to silence the frequencies ouside the de-essing band allowing the effect of the gain reduction to be heard more clearly.

'Attack' and 'Release' work as they would in any other compressor; use them when necessary to smooth the changes in gain reduction appled to the signal.

Finally, the 'Input' control allows the incoming signal level to be trimmed by up to +/- 20 dB.