Introducing DJX10...

The DJX10 is a digital subtractive synthesizer plugin in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

It is based on the mda JX10 synth and features 2 oscillators, a resonant low-pass filter and a variety of modulation and voicing options from mono to polyphonic playback with up to 32-voices.

The following sections describe the synthesizer controls available in the DJX10.



Sets the level of second oscillator.

Both oscillators are sawtooth wave only unless the PWM/Vib control is set to PWM. In this case the two oscillators are phase-locked and will produce a square wave if set to the same pitch. Pitch modulation of one oscillator then causes Pulse Width Modulation. Pitch modulation of both oscillators for vibrato is still available from the modulation wheel.

Unlike other synths, in PWM mode the oscillators can still be detuned to give a wider range of PWM effects.


Tuning of both oscillators in octaves.


Tuning of the second oscillator in semitones.


Tuning of second oscillator in cents.


White noise mix level.



Filter cutoff frequency.


Filter resonance.

Env Amt

Cutoff modulation by the filter envelope.


Cutoff modulation by velocity.

The velocity control determines the velocity sensitivity of the filter cutoff (-100 to +100) but also allows amplitude velocity sensitivity to be turned off (turn fully left to disable velocity control of both cutoff and amplitude).


A sine wave low-frequency oscillator.


LFO rate in Hz.


LFO modulation of pitch for either for PWM or vibrato.

Filter Amt

Filter cutoff modulation.

Filter Envelope

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope for filter cutoff.

Amp Envelope

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope for amplitude.



Playback mode:
  • Poly: 32-voice polyphonic
  • P-Legato: 32-voice polyphonic with pitch glide if a key is held
  • P-Glide: 32-voice polyphonic with pitch glide
  • Mono: monophonic
  • M-Legato: monophonic with pitch glide if a key is held
  • M-Glide: monophonic with pitch glide

Glide Rate

Pitch glide rate.

Glide Bend

Initial pitch-glide offset, for pitch-envelope effects.


Master tuning in cents.


Master volume.


The DJX10 comes with a range of built-in presets, click the left/right arrows in the central display or click the menu-icon to see the full list. To rename a preset click on the name in the display to enter edit mode (press enter or click elsewhere to exit). Preset names can be up to 24 characters. Use the preset menu to save and load individual presets or the entire bank.


The DJX10 is based on code developed by mda (maxim digital audio) and released under the MIT license, copyright © 1999-2008 by Paul Kellett. See the licensing files included in the Instrument Bundle for more details.